Karen Edgely, Secretary 

Karen grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and started coming up to Omena in the summer when she was six years old.  When her oldest son was a year old, her parents moved to Omena full-time, and thereafter she and her family spent more and more time in Leelanau as all four children grew up.  In the past 30 years, while a stay-at-home mother, Karen lived in Hong Kong, Chicago and Salt Lake City, prior to moving to Traverse City last year when her husband retired.  Leelanau is definitely her favorite place and has remained the center of all of their plans.  She has spent more time thinking about the environment, habitat and birds in the last 5 years, beginning with the birds around the Great Salt Lake area, and now here in Michigan.  She said that if she had to re-do her subject in university from all those years ago, she would change from Political Science to Environmental Science!

Karen is really looking forward to being involved with Saving Birds through Habitat, to learn more and help and contribute to this group.