Jack Dunn

Jack Dunn remembers spending many hours outside as he grew up. Walking through fields, wading in creeks, catching crayfish, butterflies and frogs, (among other things) filled his hours as a child. He also remembers the time that twenty snakes in his collection escaped from their container in the garage just as his mother’s sorority sister was visiting. That ended his budding career as a herpetologist, but did not change his ever-increasing fascination – and love - for all things in the natural world.

In 1975, Jack took an undergraduate degree in Zoology from MSU, adding a more scientific component to his interest, and feeding his desire to know more about how animals (and people) work.

But instead of a career in some aspect concerning the natural world, he went to medical school (MSU College of Human Medicine, 1979) and then spent 35 years as an internist and geriatrician. Jack recently retired from that practice. He confesses that although part of him misses medicine, especially his patients, he is pleased that he will now have the time to spend exploring and learning more about our natural environ- ment. He was pleased to be invited to join the Board of Saving Birds, and is very excited about having the opportunity it presents to learn about, and perhaps help, our birds to survive and even thrive.