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Over the past four decades, populations of many North American birds have declined. Although some nonmigratory birds have lost ground, the species most at risk are those birds that migrate between the temperate zones and the tropics. Click here or here for more information on declining bird populations.

In order to help mitigate these losses, SBTH offers a variety of programs and presentations focused on ways in which average people can provide assistance. Check out the following pages to find a program that will fit your needs. Call or email our office to set something up for your group.

Land Certification | Children's Education | Outreach Programs

Land Certification

Welcome to the bird habitat world. Certification is awarded to recognize property owners for establishing or preserving suitable habitat benefiting native wild birds. Please visit the habitat certification page for more information! This application is an easy first step toward recognition for providing much needed nesting and visiting habitat for our wild birds. We look forward to working with you.

Click here for printable application.

Employees of Standard Sand/Fairmount Minerals receive a certification plaque from SBTH Executive Director Kay Charter. Fairmount Minerals, LTD, is a sustainable development company and, as such, is committed to preserving and restoring healthy bird habitats on its various sites.

Children's Education


Did you know...that a woodpecker can peck 20 times a second but doesn't get a headache?

Did you know… that hummingbirds which weigh only about as much as a dime can fly 500 miles non-stop over the Gulf of Mexico during migration?

You and your students can discover many more fascinating facts related to birds and their habitats while observing them first hand on a field trip to Saving Birds Thru Habitat, a non-profit educational bird facility adjoining a 45 acre Bird Sanctuary located in beautiful Leelanau County near historic Omena. Programs not only are aligned with MEGOSE Life Science guidelines and Michigan Framework Objectives but also give students a hands-on experience of learning about and observing native birds under the guidance and direction
of trained docents.

During a 2½ hour program at Saving Birds Thru Habitat students will experience an introduction by an expert educator at the Discovery Center using biofacts and visuals, a guided bird walk through the Charter Bird Sanctuary using binoculars, and participate in follow-up discussions, reflections, educational activities/simulations, etc. The programs can be focused around teacher’s particular learning objectives for the class.

In order to support the continuation of its educational mission, Saving Birds Thru Habitat offers its student programs at no charge to schools or to home-taught youngsters when accompanied by adults. All educational programs occur rain or shine.

StudentsA number of teachers have developed integrated curriculum units around birds and their class trip to Saving Birds Thru Habitat has become the focal point of their study.

We invite you to contact us soon for more information and/or to schedule a visit for your class or group sometime after May 10 and before October 10.




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pictureOutreach Program

Our PowerPoint presentation has been put together in a way that both connects the general public to the magic and mystery of migrating birds, and educates property owners about how to help declining populations. This program has been presented for city governments, libraries, schools, colleges, Audubon clubs, service organizations and garden groups across the country. It has been featured at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, Missouri; the Cox Arboretum in Dayton, Ohio; Morton Arboretum near Chicago and the 2006 Rivers and Wildlife Festival in Kearney, Nebraska. SBTH also presented a seminar on the subject of bird conservation to a standing room only crowd at the Zoological Society of San Diego’s Center for Conservation and Research for Endangered Species.

Call or email to schedule this delightful and informative program for your organization.

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