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Please help us continue our work connecting people to the beauty in the bird world and teaching them how to create habitat for birds on their property. Memberships support these and other important efforts on behalf of our migratory bird populations. Members will receive our bi-annual newsletter, and Nest Builders (those who join at the Bobolink level or higher) will be invited to a special “Nest Builders” reception on Charter Sanctuary.

Memorial and Honorary Donations are gratefully accepted. Please visit the link at the bottom of this page for donation information.

Saving Birds Thru Habitat is a qualified 501 (c)(3), nonprofit corporation. Donations to SBTH are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.


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Chickadee - $25.00

Favorite backyard bird entertains us with its cheerful song, frenetic activity and friendly behavior.


Bluebird - $50.00

Because this beautiful thrush was declining until thousands of nest boxes were put up, it represents the power of human involvement.

Common Yellowthroat - $100.00

 Tiny, masked warbler which will nest in even the smallest patch of wetland is an example of how saving a little habitat can mean a lot.

Bobolink - $250.00

This long distance migrant, whose joyful song bubbles over summer meadows, represents the need to preserve fallow fields.

Piping Plover

Piping Plover - $500.00

The endangered status of this pale, winsome little shorebird is a wake-up call for aiding those species experiencing population declines.


Loon - $1000.00

Conservation for this exquisite bird with the haunting call will require providing quiet places where it can nest undisturbed.

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle - $5000.00




Whooping Crane - $10,000.00



Donate Any Other Amount

Any Other Amount



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